How to Adapt When

Insurance Sales Go Digital 

If you’ve spent your career in insurance sales, you’ve seen a great deal of change over the last several years, not the least of which is the increased use of digital technologies during all stages of the sales process.

Now imagine if you had worked in the insurance industry over a decade ago, pivoted your career toward another area, and then just recently decided to return. Would you even know where to start to ensure that you could keep up with your colleagues and competitors?

Join us on Tuesday, April 28 at 2:00pm ET as we delve into how insurance agents - both seasoned and new to the industry - can effectively adapt to the ever changing role of technology in insurance sales. We’ll tackle a number of key areas, including:

  • What is OLD insurance sales vs. NEW insurance sales?
  • Is change really necessary?
  • What investments - technology, people, other resources - should you be making?
  • How do you successfully source the right leads?

This session will be hosted by VanillaSoft’s Head of Product Marketing and in-house expert on the insurance sales industry, Bergen Wilde. Joining Bergen will be David Fender, an insurance agency owner based in St. Augustine, Florida. David has first-hand experience on what it’s like to leave the industry for a decade, and return to a whole new, digitally transformed world!

So whether you’ve been working in the industry for 25 years, or just started your career last month, this webinar will give you some important insights into how you can be most effective in a digital insurance sales world.

Don’t let digital transformation get you down. Tune in on Tuesday, April 28 at 2:00pm ET and learn how you can thrive when insurance sales goes digital!

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david fender

David Fender

David Fender began his insurance career at age 21, working as an agent, a marketer, and eventually heading out to found his own scratch agency. As he progressed through his insurance career, David uncovered an underserved market, helping farmers and agriculture operations navigate the complicated world of migrant workers compensation. Twelve years and a successful agriculture consulting firm later, David was recruited by Farmers Insurance to help set up an agency to serve customers in St. Augustine, Florida. A licensed insurance agent for over 25 years, David helps customers better understand coverage options – for home, auto, watercraft, or umbrella insurance.


Bergen Wilde

Beginning his sales career with the family flower business, Bergen Wilde moved briefly into federal politics as a campaign manager. Transitioning out of politics – almost – Bergen spent a few years selling SAP data archiving consulting services to the federal government before moving into document management software sales. Loving the energy in smaller companies, he joined a colleague’s start-up document management firm in a sales and marketing role where Bergen discovered his true calling – product marketing. After 18 years in sales, Bergen now leverages his experience as the Head of Product Marketing for VanillaSoft, the leader in sales engagement software.