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Sales Cadence

Want to learn more about how to effectively use sales cadences with your team?


A sales cadence can be an effective process to help your team be more persistent in its follow up with valuable prospects and leads. 


But maybe you're not sure how to create one and fully implement it. A checklist of steps to follow may work for a small list of prospects. For real sales effectiveness, you need to take things a step further with the right software.

Join VanillaSoft's Daniel Sims as he covers what you need to know about sales cadences. During this webinar, Daniel:

  • Defines what a sales cadence is
  • Describes the elements of a cadence
  • Explains how a sales cadence can help your sales team
  • Identifies the types of cadences you can use
  • And tells you how to get started with cadences in VanillaSoft's sales engagement platform

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Daniel Sims

Daniel leads the Customer Success team at VanillaSoft, and directly coordinates all professional services requests related to customizing and configuring the software. He is one of the foremost experts and evangelists of the VanillaSoft platform. His nearly 10 years of experience in account management, training, and onboarding guide him in his consummate professionalism and reliability across Sales and Product Development functions.