The Secrets to Digital Engagement Success - Chapter 2
Spotlight on University of South Florida

More and more higher educational institutions are investing in digital engagement centers, and having great success!

In chapter two of our series highlighting digital engagement center success, we will shine a spotlight on University of South Florida (USF), which just launched its center earlier this year. 

Watch as VanillaSoft Fundraising Evangelist Emily Etzkorn is joined by Allyson Townsend, Associate Director of Development, and Andres Benavides, Assistant Director of Development, with the University of South Florida. They share how USF ramped up their Digital Engagement Center, the successes they have had in their student hiring, and some of the exciting initiatives they have planned for the coming months. 

Learn firsthand from the USF team their top strategies for building a successful digital engagement center - watch now! 


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Emily Etzkorn

Fundraising Evangelist

Allyson Townsend

Associate Director of Development
University of South Florida

Andres Benavides

Assistant Director of Development
University of South Florida