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Diversity is something we truly value here at VanillaSoft. We pride ourselves on promoting a diverse workforce - and continually strive to ensure that we listen to and value all of the voices around our table.

The sales community is comprised of individuals representing a variety of backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Unfortunately, not all of these voices are equally heard and valued. So when Ashleigh Early and Kasey Jones from The Other Side of Sales approached VanillaSoft with the idea of publishing a report that shines a light on the diverse state of sales today, we jumped at the opportunity to be involved!

VanillaSoft is proud to be a sponsor of the 2020 State of Sales Survey. As you read through the report, take some time to reflect on how the findings and what we as a sales community can do to ensure that all people are valued; that all voices are heard.

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[Survey] 2020 State of Sales Survey


VanillaSoft is an advocate for inclusion and diversity in the sales world. So, when Ashleigh Early and Kasey Jones asked us here at VanillaSoft if we wanted to shine a light on The State of Sales, we said absolutely. We are proud to sponsor this survey and make this data available to you, our tribe. We encourage you to check out the #StateofSalesSurvey. We hope it will start conversations and bring about change in the sales community. We would love to hear your thoughts on their findings.


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