Multi-Channel Engagement:
Crawl, Walk, Run


So you’ve decided it’s time to take your calling program to the next level, but you’re unsure of where to start. Maybe you’ve invested in a multi-channel tech-stack, but are stuck on which channel to use, which donor group to target, and how to execute. Maybe you’ve got one multi-channel donor journey locked in, but you’re aiming to introduce more in the way of segment-specific personalization. Or, perhaps this is old hat for you, and you’re looking to join the major leagues and “go pro” as a true “cadence master”. 

If any of these scenarios sound like you, watch our three-part webinar series as we break down multi-channel engagement from start to finish. This series will explore a number of areas including expanding your channels, strategy and segmentation planning, building out donor journeys and cadences, and analyzing your data to optimize future outreach strategies.

We’re taking a ‘Crawl…Walk…Run’ approach with these sessions - starting at the beginning and taking you all the way through to multi-channel mastery

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Episode 1

Multi-Channel Engagement: Crawl

  • Making the shift to an “engagement” center
  • How to rethink your goals and approach to constituent engagement
  • Expanding your outreach channels 
  • Finding and leveraging the right tools to help you build relationships

Panelists: Emily Etzkorn, Jordan Hiatt, Rachel Spencer 

Episode 2

Multi-Channel Engagement: Walk

  • Strategy and segmentation planning
  • Donor journeys and cadences
  • Using workflow automation to make your tools work for you
  • Effectively delivering “personalized outreach at scale” 

Panelists: Emily Etzkorn, Danielle Manriquez, Rachel Spencer 

Episode 3

Multi-Channel Engagement: Run

  • Implementing dynamic cadences based on engagement
  • Using data and results to inform future outreach strategies
  • How to demonstrate impact of personalized outreach, journeys, and cadences
  • Brainstorming for the future

Panelists: Emily Etzkorn, Dan Sims, Rachel Spencer 


Emily Etzkorn

Fundraising Evangelist

Jordan Hiatt

Sales Development Representative

Rachel Spencer

Senior AE & Fundraising SME

Danielle Manriquez

Customer Success Representative

Dan Sims

Director of Customer Success