Successful Fundraising During a Pandemic

A Case Study

It has been an unprecedented year that has upended society in many ways. Shutdowns have disrupted businesses. Many are working remotely. Many others have lost their jobs altogether.

For fundraising teams, it has been a year of reflection and reevaluation. With so many people losing their incomes, is it insensitive to continue to ask people to donate? Will campaigns fail in a down economy? Does it make sense to shut down the fundraising team to save money - especially if the expectation is that the campaign will fail? And if you do decide to carry on, how do teams transition to working from home?

Join VanillaSoft Product Marketing Manager Bergen Wilde as he speaks with Susan Tyburski, Executive Director of the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation, and Gregg Carlson, President of Carlson Fundraising. Susan and Gregg will provide insights into the challenges faced by the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation in the past year while trying to fundraise during a pandemic, the lessons learned, and how they triumphed over the many challenges they faced.

Learn how your fundraising team can not only survive but thrive during the most challenging of times. Register today to view the recording.

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Gregg Carlson 2

Gregg Carlson

Gregg Carlson is the Founder & President of Carlson Fundraising, and a master of the art and science of successful fundraising, has over 30 years of experience providing integrated fundraising solutions to customers. He is the former Chair of the Giving USA Foundation, the definitive source on trends in US fundraising. He began his career at CCS Fundraising, which specialized in major gift counseling.

Susan T

Susan Tyburski

Susan Tyburski is the Executive Director of the Elmhurst Hospital Memorial Foundation, is an accomplished executive with more than 20 years in fundraising and development in education, cultural, and healthcare institutions. Susan helped lead the Elmhurst Hospital Memorial Foundation to the most successful capital campaign in the organization, supporting the construction of a brand new, state-of-the-art new hospital and main campus that opened in 2011.


Bergen Wilde

Bergen Wilde began his sales career with the family flower business, moved briefly into federal politics as a campaign manager, and then returned to sales...this time to software sales. Loving the energy in smaller companies, Bergen joined a colleague’s start-up document management firm in a sales and marketing role where he discovered his true calling – product marketing. After 18 years in sales, Bergen now leverages his experience as the Head of Product Marketing for VanillaSoft.