The Greatest Cold Email I’ve Ever Sent

You’ve sent a lot of cold sales emails over the course of your career. A LOT!

But is there one email that stands out from the rest? One that you are so proud of that you posted it to LinkedIn and bragged about your success? An email above all emails?!

Yup - you know there is!

Watch as some of our favorite sales email experts share their cold emails, explain why they’re great, and share the secret to why they worked. Joining Shawn Finder of Autoklose and Ollie Whitfield of VanillaSoft will be sales email experts Will Allred, Co-Founder and COO of Lavender, and Donald C Kelly, Founder of The Sales Evangelist.

Because even though you do have that favorite email, there’s always something more you can learn from the experts!

Watch now!

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Will Allred

Will Allred

Will Allred is a co-founder and the COO at Lavender, a chrome extension that helps you write better emails, faster. Will has focused his career on the application of behavioral and data sciences to remove the guesswork from communication.

Donald C Kelly

Donald C Kelly

Donald C Kelly helps sales professionals and entrepreneurs find more prospects, build stronger value, and close more deals. In addition to training sales professionals in workshops, online courses, and keynote presentations, Donald is the host of a popular sales podcast called “The Sales Evangelist”.


Shawn Finder

Shawn Finder is an entrepreneur at heart. At age 24, Shawn entered the entrepreneurial world by importing packaging from Asia and selling to top cosmetic retailers in North America. By the age of 28, he already sold his first business. In early 2017, Shawn parlayed his second venture, ExchangeLeads, into a sales automation platform called Autoklose. Autoklose was acquired in 2020 by VanillaSoft.

Ollie Whitfield

Ollie Whitfield

Ollie Whitfield is the Growth Marketing Manager at Autoklose - a VanillaSoft company who loves writing cold emails and call scripts. In the near future, when the world returns to normal, Ollie is looking forward to returning to his favorite places - the pool table and the football pitch.