Don’t Get Hung Up On Your Phone Call Fears

There are hundreds of tips and suggestions out there for sales reps – incorporate social selling; never pitch through LinkedIn; ALWAYS pitch through LinkedIn; respond to leads by using smoke signals...

But let’s face it – we all know that the best and most effective way to get in touch with your prospects and to sell successfully is to PICK UP THE PHONE!

Unfortunately, some of us build the potentially negative responses we might receive from prospects up so much in our heads that we wait, and we wait, and we fret, and we stress about picking up the phone and making that call.

But there’s help! We have the tips, tricks, and strategies you need to get yourself over that “don’t make me call them” hump and have you dialing and chatting all day long!

You won’t want to miss this webinar – you’ll come away with answers to some of your most burning questions, including:

  • What if the receptionist doesn’t put my call through – I guess I just give up?
  • What if I freeze up and don’t know what to say next?
  • I finally got through - should I start selling them on the first call?
  • What if they yell at me?

On October 29 at 2:00pm ET, Agorapulse CMO Darryl Praill will bring together a couple of experts who will help you deal effectively with your phone call fears.

Deb Calvert, President of People First Productivity Solutions, is a sought-after expert in sales training, leadership development, and team effectiveness. Her book, “Stop Selling & Start Leading” illustrates how the behaviors of top business leaders are also the same behaviors that help to make sales people more effective.

And, VanillaSoft’s very own sales executive, Fiona Tibble, will share some life lessons and wisdom from years of making those dreaded highly effective cold calls!

You don’t want to miss this one - register today!

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Deb Calvert

Deb Calvert

Deb Calvert is the President of People First Productivity Solutions, offering sales training, coaching, and leadership development programs. Deb leads the Stop Selling & Start Leading® movement and founded The Sales Experts Channel. She is certified as an executive and sales coach and is a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®. Her bestseller, DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected”, has recently been named by HubSpot as one of the “20 Most Highly Rated Sales Books of All Time.”

Fiona Tibble

Fiona Tibble

Fiona Tibble is a UK-based sales executive with VanillaSoft. Fiona is an experienced network manager who is exceptional at building top-level senior networks and working in the think tanks industry. She is skilled in retail, communication, management, and networking. She uses her creativity to stand out among the vast sea of sales professionals giving her the opportunity to build strong customer relationships.


Darryl Praill

Darryl Praill, CMO of Agorapulse, is a high-tech marketing executive with over 25 years experience spanning startups, re-starts, consolidations, acquisitions, and divestments. He has been widely quoted in the media including television, press, and trade publications. He is a guest lecturer, public speaker, and radio personality and has been featured in numerous podcasts, case studies, and best-selling books.