Plugging the Hole in Your Student Staffing Bucket


Organizations know that donor acquisition is more costly than donor retention, so they make sure to continually take the necessary steps to retain their donors.

But do organizations do the same for student staff retention? The same holds true in this case - it is much more cost effective to take the steps necessary to ensure your team sticks around than it is to continually recruit, re-recruit, train, retrain…rinse and repeat.   

Watch as VanillaSoft higher ed fundraising experts Rachel Spencer, Danielle Manriquez, and Emily Etzkorn pull every available trick out of the bag and apply them to the issue of student staff retention - helping you to ensure your student team sticks to you like glue (or …at least until they graduate!). 

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Emily Etzkorn

Fundraising Evangelist

Rachel Spencer

Senior AE & Fundraising SME

Danielle Manriquez

Customer Success Representative