The Secrets to Successful Prospecting


Pssst…wanna know a secret!

Of course you do! We all love to hear secrets! Especially the secrets to successful prospecting.

And who better to hear from than some of the top sales pros who are boots on the ground and at the top of their game. VanillaSoft’s own Ollie Whitfield brought together three of the top sales prospecting professionals - Jen Allen, Chief Evangelist with Challenger; Morgan Buchanan, SMB Account Executive with Spekit; and Michelle Craig, Growth Account Executive with

You’ll learn the best tactics for personalization, the things you didn’t know about research, something called the “Buchanan Special,” and so much more!!

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Jen Allen

Jen Allen

Chief Evangelist, Challenger
Host of the Winning the Challenger Sale Podcast

Michelle Craig

Michelle Craig

Growth Account Executive,

Morgan Buchanan

Morgan Buchanan

SMB Account Executive, Spekit 

Ollie Whitfield-WhiteBckgrnd

Ollie Whitfield

Demand Generation Team Lead, VanillaSoft/Autoklose