The Winning Formula For Prospecting

Combining Social Selling And Cold Calling For Outrageous Results

Are you a Cold Caller, or a Social Seller? Less than a year ago we held The Transatlantic Takedown, and just the other day Darryl Praill did a follow up debate live with Dan Disney. These have been pivotal discussions in the wild, passionate debate that evolved from one simple question — which approach is superior?

The old guard refuses to move on from Cold Calling. Conversely, the younger crowd evangelizes social selling as a new frontier. It’s such a fierce disagreement that you can’t even make a statement on social media without receiving hundreds of responses!

We were totally into this one, but now we’re thinking...can’t we all just get along!? Furthermore, what if the answer is that you should be using both? What if we could combine everything?

On May 28th we are going to be live with Dan Disney, Benjamin Dennehy, and Darryl Praill to talk about THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PROSPECTING: COMBINING COLD CALLING AND SOCIAL SELLING FOR OUTRAGEOUS RESULTS.

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Daniel Disney

Daniel is one of the world’s leading social selling experts. As founder of The Daily Sales, the most popular community for salespeople on LinkedIn, his content has reached tens of millions of people. Daniel has an impressive audience of over 300,000+, which grows by 10,000+ every week. He is the 16th most influential sales expert on LinkedIn just after the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.


Benjamin Dennehy

Benjamin is an engaging sales speaker and trainer who will explain that the barriers cemented within your selling process is your parents’ fault. Dennehy brings an antipodean brutality and charm to the sales experience that many have never encountered before. His ‘no holds barred’ presentations will educate, inspire, motivate and help your sales people understand why, and importantly, how to overcome many of their daily sales frustrations and struggles. Learn more at


Darryl Praill

Darryl Praill, CMO of Agorapulse, is a high-tech marketing executive with over 25 years experience spanning startups, re-starts, consolidations, acquisitions, and divestments. He has been widely quoted in the media including television, press, and trade publications. He is a guest lecturer, public speaker, and radio personality and has been featured in numerous podcasts, case studies, and best-selling books.