Top Tips for Fundraising Cadences

Most teams know the basics when it comes to building fundraising cadences, and know the importance of using multiple channels in order to expand and enhance reach. 

But how many go beyond the basics to ensure the effectiveness of their fundraising outreach? 

Are you reaching out too often? Too seldom? In an effective way? Are you using the right channels?

What are the most successful fundraising teams doing?!

Watch as VanillaSoft Fundraising Evangelist Emily Etzkorn and Customer Success Rep Danielle Manriquez discuss their top tips for building an effective fundraising cadence for your team. Emily and Danielle have decades of experience working on cadences with a variety of organizations and have pulled together the top tips they have heard (and helped implement) to ensure the most effective outreach. 

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Emily Etzkorn

Fundraising Evangelist

Danielle Manriquez

Customer Success Representative