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3 Cold Email Styles to Try Out in 2024

Welcome to 2024!  A new year is always full of hope and promise…but when it comes to how we send sales emails, it’s also a year filled with questions. What will the new year bring when it comes to how we send emails…and how those emails will be received? 

It’s time for change, and time for us as sales professionals to think differently about how we create our cold emails to make them stand out. But is there anything we can do differently that hasn’t been done before!?

Watch as VanillaSoft’s Ollie Whitfield talks to the experts about the cold email styles we should all be putting to the test in 2024. Ollie is joined by Michael Hanson, Founder and CEO of Growth Genie, and Shawn Finder from VanillaSoft - two sales veterans and experts in the cold email game. They’ll take you through three distinct email styles that work for them, and you can decide what works best for you. 

It’s a new year - so kick things off on the right foot with some email insights that will help you all year long…watch now!

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Ollie Whitfield

Demand Gen - Team Lead

Michael Hanson

Founder & CEO
Growth Genie

Shawn Finder

Sales GM