UK vs. US

The Transatlantic Sales Throwdown

Part 1: The Men

That's right...the battle that everyone has been asking for - it's the UK vs USA! Which country is the undisputed sales leader?

This is the ULTIMATE sales showdown – you might call it our very own version of ESPN's "Around the Horn". Seven categories. Quick fire answers. Rebuttals the likes of which you’ve never seen before. And the best part – The Lightning Round! Our live audience voted to determine which team had the best responses – and ultimately chose the Transatlantic Sales Champion!

Representing the UK:

Costas Perkas
Daniel Disney
Richard Smith
Sam Dunning
Alex Olley

And representing the US:

Scott Leese
Richard Harris
Kevin "KD" Dorsey
Rob Jeppsen
Morgan J Ingram
Dale Dupree


Of course, sitting between these two powerhouses - geographically, politically, historically - is Canada. Agorapulse CMO, and maple syrup loving Canadian, Darryl Praill moderates this star-studded event…doing his best to keep this unruly bunch of sales experts focused, in the most Canadian way possible.

Which country can outsell the other? What country dominated to earn the title of Transatlantic Sales Champion? Tune in and find out!




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