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It’s one month into the New Year, and let’s face it — we’re in 2019 now, folks. It’s time to take a cold, hard look at your selling strategy. And, no, that doesn’t mean we’re finally saying Cold Calling is dead… 

What channels are you leveraging to engage with your prospects? Probably phone and email for the most part, right? Yeah, we figured. Should you be leveraging social media? Absolutely. That’s not it, though.

We’ve got one word for you: V-I-D-E-O. 

Looking for that extra somethin’ to take your outreach over the top? Guess users grow company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than organizations without it. Seriously, that one blew our minds, too.

As soon as we realized the power of video, we knew we had to take action. So, without further ado…it’s finally here, folks — the VidYard integration in VanillaSoft is ready for you, and it is exciting stuff. Join us on February 12th at 2pm EST to learn how you can take your sales cycle over the top.

During this session we'll talk about:

  • How can video impact purchasing decisions?
  • How you can introduce video into your sales cycle.
  • How do you personalize video for a higher conversion rate?
  • What gear do you need to start using video?
  • What are the best practices you need to get your sales team to implement to succeed?
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Benny Hua 

Benny Hua is a Business Development Manager at Vidyard, focusing on Commercial & Enterprise business. Before leading his energetic team at Vidyard, Benny was a top-performing Business Development Rep, and has also built multiple startup companies from the ground-up.


Darryl Praill

Darryl Praill, CMO of Agorapulse, is a high-tech marketing executive with over 25 years experience spanning startups, re-starts, consolidations, acquisitions, and divestments. He has been widely quoted in the media including television, press, and trade publications. He is a guest lecturer, public speaker, and radio personality and has been featured in numerous podcasts, case studies, and best-selling books. 


Daniel Sims

Daniel leads the Customer Success team at VanillaSoft, and directly coordinates all professional services requests related to customizing and configuring the software. He is one of the foremost experts and evangelists of the VanillaSoft platform. His nearly 10 years of experience in account management, training, and onboarding guide him in his consummate professionalism and reliability across Sales and Product Development functions.