What is Sales Engagement

and Should You Care?

Current stats indicate sales reps never contact 48% of marketing-qualified leads, only make 2-3 call attempts despite it typically taking over 9 and spend over 20% of their time doing admin work. It’s a recipe for failure and explains why so many sales development teams are moving to sales engagement platforms and leaving CRM behind in the pursuit of finally hitting their quota.

So, what is a sales engagement platform, how does it differ from CRM, how does it work, what does it do, will the reps embrace it, and what do you need to know when selecting one to implement? Those are great questions. Fortunately, we’ve got answers.

You will learn:

  • What is Sales Engagement and why should you care?
  • How does it fit into your current tech stack?
  • What features and functions do most have, and how does that compare to your CRM?
  • What is a cadence, and what’s the difference between a static cadence and a dynamic cadence?
  • What do you need to know before you deploy it so that you avoid the mistakes made by others?




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Darryl Praill

Darryl Praill, CMO of Agorapulse, is a high-tech marketing executive with over 25 years experience spanning startups, re-starts, consolidations, acquisitions, and divestments. He has been widely quoted in the media including television, press, and trade publications. He is a guest lecturer, public speaker, and radio personality and has been featured in numerous podcasts, case studies, and best-selling books.