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The OutBound 2021 Conference is almost here! Have you registered? Will you be attending in person or online? We hope to see you there in some way!

OutBound has become known as the premier sales conference devoted 100% to outbound selling in just its fourth year, and we're pretty pleased to be the title sponsor. See what our CRO Darryl Praill has to say about it. Watch now! 👉 

As always, here's another edition of Let's Get Engaged. We've compiled the usual variety of premium content. 

Check out what we’ve been up to, and, of course, don't be shy to reach out to learn more!

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[Conference] OutBound 2021

Have You Registered YetVanillaSoft is proud to be the Title Sponsor of OutBound 2021. Join us and other sales professionals June 15-18, 2021, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.



[Article] Sales Engagement vs. Sales Enablement: What’s the Difference?

The sales and marketing landscape is fast evolving thanks to new technologies that enable sales teams to engage prospects during the sales process.

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[Article] The Top Mistakes Salespeople Make With Outbound Sales

Sales is more of an art than a science. There’s no one method, answer, or magic bullet. But we can learn from others’ mistakes, avoid common pitfalls, and sharpen our skills.

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[Article] Overcoming Price Objections: How to Talk Value When They Talk Price

Does handling and overcoming price objections put a wrench in your process? Any sort of price discussion will send the hairs on the back of a sales rep’s neck up as previously lost deals run through their heads.

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[Article] The Top 10 SDR Interview Questions to Ask Your Next SDR Superstar (Or It’ll Cost You!)

Sales development representatives (SDR) are the backbone of your sales team. They’re the people who help create new business, do the grunt work to find that new business, plus optimize your sales process.

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INSIDE Inside Sales Podcast Recent Episode


Sales Expert Guest:
Lee Salz

Chief Growth Officer
Sales Architects



[Podcast] Winning More Sales Through Ethical Negotiation

On this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl welcomes Lee Salz, CEO of Sales Architects, OutBound Conference Speaker, and revered sales consultant to discuss sales differentiation. Darryl and Lee will explain why the word “best” is overrated, and why you should swap it with “different”. They also share how to make your prospects realize your offerings ARE the best without needing to say so, setting yourself apart from the other sales reps who offer the same solution, and identifying what your meaningful value is.

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Sales Expert Guest:
Rod Santomassimo

Managing Director
Massimo Coach



[Podcast] Build Your Pipeline and Sell Like a CEO

In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl talks to Rod Santomassimo, a rockstar business growth coach and OutBound Conference presenter, about why it’s crucial to approach your number as a business and sell like a CEO. The two of them will teach you how to avoid one of the most expensive sales mistakes – depleting your pipeline. They also delve into why adopting an entrepreneurial mindset is a big deal in sales, as well as how to achieve this. Subscribe now and learn how to simultaneously build your sales pipeline while selling like a CEO.

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[On-Demand] The Habits of Highly Effective Sales Teams

Victor Antonio and Mark Hunter take a look at some of the biggest mistakes that sales managers make and what you and your reps need to do to become a well-oiled sales machine!

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[On-Demand] Sales Lessons Learned

Watch on-demand as VanillaSoft CRO Darryl Praill dives into a ton of topics - from personal branding to sales lessons learned to sales successes - with two award-winning speakers, authors, and world-renowned sales experts Jeb Blount and Anthony Iannarino.

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[On-Demand] Successful Fundraising During a Pandemic

A Case Study
For fundraising teams, it has been a year of reflection and reevaluation. With so many people losing their incomes, is it insensitive to continue to ask people to donate? Will campaigns fail in a down economy? Learn how your fundraising team can not only survive but thrive during the most challenging of times. Register today.

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The Sales Scoop

What we're reading, watching and listening to from around the web.



How to Create a Sales Cadence That Will Keep Your Funnel Full and Your Customers Unannoyed

One of the greatest fears of every decent sales rep is that they will annoy and bore their prospects to death which will result in a number of failed deals. Finding the right balance between being persistent and being a pain in the neck is something that many sales reps still have to practice, and that’s what a well-thought-out sales cadence can help them with.

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What Works in B2B Sales. Insights from RFP Experts.

If you're confused and wondering where you should be spending your time for maximum ROI in your business, this episode will show you exactly what I'm doing when it comes to Marketing on TikTok, Instagram Reels & Clubhouse!

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Why You Need To Be Part Of The Company Thought Leadership Trend

Karen shares what thought leadership really entails, the difference between individual thought leadership and corporate thought leadership, and how Karen’s “wannabe cowgirl” enthusiasm relates to it.
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