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[Webinar] Fast Forward: Discover 2021's Top Trends

Fbook-LinkedInfor Virtual Selling and Video Marketing

The new year is the perfect chance to start fresh in the new normal of business. Join leading industry experts to get an inside look at how to blow past your sales and marketing goals in 2021. You’ll learn how to apply the latest video best practices to thrive in a world that’s gone digital-first—perhaps for good.



[Article] 7 Easy Inside Sales Tips to Catapult Your Closing Ratio

What is a closing ratio? Your closing ratio is the number of sales you’ve made over the number of presentations you gave. 

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[Article] Outsourcing as a Growth Hack: Could Working With an Agency Help Grow Your Sales?

Outsourcing sales sometimes gets a bad rap, but today’s data-obsessed, process-driven agencies can offer a seamless way to expand a sales team.

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[Article] Wake Up Your B2B Sales Process: 5 Tips to Electrify Close Rates

The idea of business-to-business sales (AKA B2B) is pretty straightforward: One business sells its products or services to another business. The B2B sales process sounds pretty simple, right?

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[Article] Consistency Is Key in Your Lead Management Process

When it comes to great lead generation, you can’t just rely on luck. It’s also inadvisable to let your team members wing it or devise their own lead management methodologies. Instead, you need to focus on crafting a process that is effective, repeatable, and scalable.

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INSIDE Inside Sales Podcast Recent Episode

Jeff Shore

Sales Expert Guests: 
Jeff Shore

Chief Growth Officer  
Shore Consulting Inc.


[Podcast] Mastering the Follow-Up

On this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by Best-Selling author and foremost authority on the follow-up, Jeff Shore. Darryl and Jeff discuss the science behind why following-up can help you to close more deals, the optimal multi-channel strategy to leverage, as well as dispelling the myths and mental hang-ups behind why SDRs avoid the follow-up. They also talk about the wisdom of finding commonalities between you and your prospects and how following-up can lead to the benefit of referrals. Don’t miss learning how to maximize your prospect’s emotional altitude and close more deals on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

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Sales Expert Guests: 
Adam Springer

Managing Director  
Startup Sales


[Podcast] No Pain, No Gain

On this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl rings in the new year with guest Adam Springer, the rockstar head of Startup Sales and respected authority on B2B sales. Darryl and Adam go over Adam’s 6-Step Call Structure that will help you find the friction your prospect is experiencing and take you from small talk to demo in record time. They also discuss ways you can quickly qualify or disqualify a prospect, how to create a Pain Map to help find other prospects with similar needs, and how to get the right stakeholders to your demo. Learn how to find the pain points that turn prospects into customers on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

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[On-Demand] Kickin’ 2020 To The Curb!

But, what have we learned this year?

With all of the obstacles that we’ve faced as salespeople in 2020, we’ve learned to thrive in the face of adversity. And although we are hoping to go back to many of our tried and true sales strategies soon, there are actually some things we’ve turned to this year that have worked...quite well. Surprisingly, we might actually just keep on doing them.

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[On-Demand] How to Win Over The Status Quo C-Suite...

and That Cash They're Holding On To

With no “in-person” meetings or events to help build those all important one-to-one relationships with the C-suite, sales and marketing teams are pushing out more emails, InMails, connection invites, demo messaging, calls and content -- hoping to make a connection, get a conversation going, and ultimately build pipeline.

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[On-Demand] 7 Steps for Creating Successful
Insurance Ads on Facebook

Are you thinking about advertising your insurance and financial services on Facebook, but are just not sure how to create your campaigns, organize your ad sets, or even simply how to create your ads?

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The Great Debate: Inbound vs. Outbound

Throughout 2020, many things unexpectedly came up to disrupt our everyday lives. A whole pandemic, for example, that shifted companies' original plans, and all the strategies set in place for 2020 got thrown out the window. Now with 2021 quickly approaching, the big question for most is whether to double down on inbound or outbound efforts.

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How To EXPLODE Your B2B Sales In The Next 90 Days

On this episode of The Salesman Podcast Patrick Thorp explains how you can blow up your sales results by hitting the reset button and planning out the next 90 days.

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Monday Musing: Power 30

Kick off your first workday here with some wisdom from Jeff Bajorek on this Monday Musing. Jeff shares the technique Power 30, that he used with his kids on winter break to get a mess of house cleaned up quickly and efficiently, and how it can translate to your work, business or dreaded projects.
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