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Will you be closing out Q4 of 2019 on a high note?  If you need a little motivation or some sales tips to push through this last quarter, you've come to the right place.

Is your sales process broken? Ours was. Find out what was wrong and what we did to turn it around. Darryl Praill shared all the nitty gritty details in his presentation, When You Suddenly Realize The Sales Process Is Broken, at Tenbound's Sales Development Conference. Check it out in our latest featured content 👉. 

So, here's another edition of Let's Get Engaged. Same as always, we've compiled a variety of premium content. 

Check out what we’ve been up to, and, of course, don't be shy to reach out to learn more!

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[Webinar] To Research or Not To Research…


Is There Any Question?

You know your company’s product inside and out…you’ve got your prospect list…you’re ready to hit the phones running! But have you done enough research on your prospects? Luigi Prestinenzi and Benjamin Dennehy have very different opinions on this topic and have a heated debate on it. 



[Article] How to Sell Insurance Over the Phone

Selling insurance over the phone can be hard work and requires perseverance to continue after getting a not so desirable response. However, with a little know-how and the assistance of modern technology, you can bump up your sales numbers.

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[Article] INSIDE Inside Sales Podcast Recap for August 2019

In the three August episodes of the INSIDE Inside Sales Podcast, guests shared gobs of advice to help you find sales success. Whether you’re new to the world of sales, or a proficient sales master in need of a refresher, you’re likely to find something that resonates with you and your sales team. 

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[Article] 6 Tips for Writing Better Sales Emails

Instead of copying the same old shtick that every other salesperson uses, try these sales email tips instead when writing a sales email.

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INSIDE Inside Sales Podcast Recent Episode

ashleighSales Expert Guests: 
Ashleigh Early

Marketing Manager  
The Other Side of Sales

[Podcast] The Strength of Soft Skills

In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by Ashleigh Early, Sales Development Leader at Vendition and co-host of “The Other Side of Sales”. Darryl and Ashleigh discuss using soft skills to make you a better, more connected salesperson. They also talk about being both self-aware and truly knowing your audience so that you can close those difficult deals. Learn how to take advantage of soft skills, only on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

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Sales Expert Guests: 
Jarrod Best-Mitchell

Marketing Manager  
Sales as a Profession

[Podcast] Getting Engaged

In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl has the opportunity to discuss engagement with Jarrod Best-Mitchell, the accomplished and sought-after Sales Trainer from Help Me Sell. Darryl and Jarrod have a fantastic conversation about effective ways to engage your prospects, as well as ways to create opportunities for engagement. Learn how to give value and get value through engagement, only on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

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[On-Demand] How to Create Your Own Million-Pound LinkedIn Message

Are you a repeat offender?
Daniel Disney, the king of LinkedIn, is back! And he has taken all of the social selling wisdom he’s known for and put it into what I’m sure will be a number one best selling book…”The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message." Daniel Disney will joined Darryl Praill to take a closer look at the ULTIMATE book for anyone using LinkedIn to sell and generate clients.

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[On-Demand] Accelerating the Buyer's Journey

Modern Sales Pros Masterclass
Learn about the data-driven approaches to understanding what buyers want. David Hood and Darryl Praill explain what buyers expect from sales when they engage with you. Watch this webinar to find out what channels buyers prefer to be engaged with on and when they want to be engaged.

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[On-Demand] The Role of the SDR is Dead!

Long Live the SDR
Over the past number of decades, sales departments have relied on sales development reps for their outbound prospecting - digging up information on potential opportunities and helping to move them through the pipeline.

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The Sales Scoop

What we're reading, watching and listening to from around the web.



Should You Use: “Is this a good time”—Yes or No?

Have you ever wondered the same thing? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve heard this question for the last 30+ years, and I’ve also heard arguments for both sides. Some people think it’s respectful to ask if the prospect has time, and others feel they are setting themselves up for a stall.

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S#%t Your Sales Manager Will Never Say

Brian Burns shares some fun responses you won't ever hear from your sales manager. So, if you need a break to have a laugh, watch this short video. And let us know if your sales manager does say any of these things!

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Quotable Podcast Episode #146: Three Elements Needed to Write a Convincing Proposal, with Bill Wilson

In enterprise sales, it’s hard to avoid proposals. Start treating proposals as an opportunity to close the sale, not just as a formality. By focusing on benefits, using your prospect’s language, and providing choices, you will be able to effectively communicate your value.

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